Our vision is expressed by coming together under the lordship of Jesus Christ, and exalting His kingdom above our differences, continually being formed into a family of varying ethnicities, ages, and economic classes. Transformed into passionately engaged followers of Jesus, with a desire to not just attend church, but to be the church, creating an alternative culture rooted in God’s principles, here in the city. We recognize that God has placed within each of us gifts, passions, and abilities to extend the kingdom of heaven in our local arenas and to see Christ’s church established on earth.


As outlined in the New Testament (1 Tim 3:1-8, Titus 1:5-10, 1 Pt 5:1-5, Acts 20:17-35), we function as a plurality of elders and deacons who serve the local church, together. Each leader is an integral part of our leadership team with no more value than any other yet with differing gifts and roles. Jesus is the “Senior Pastor” and He is the only person the church cannot live without.

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